How To: Nutella and Strawberry Crepes

When I lived in Italy, my sister used to make homemade Nutella crepes once in a while and they were literally the best thing ever. I guess she remembered my love for them, so when she came to visit for the holidays this year, one of the gifts she gave me was my very own crepe set! She mostly got it as a joke, but little did she know that it would turn out to be my favorite present.
The kit came with a pan, recipes,  2 spatulas, and authentic italian Nutella! Of course, I used the kit as soon as I got the chance. It actually turned to be easy to make and the crepes came out to be really good. So, I decided to share the recipe with you so you can make your own delicious crepes. 

Here's what you'll need:

                                                  - Bowl                                           - Flour (125g)
                                                  - Small scale                                  - Butter (1tbsp)
                                                  - Non-stick Pan                             - Salt (a pinch)
                                                  - Milk (250g)                                 - Eggs (2)

In addition, you will also need:

                                                                        - Powdered Sugar
                                                                        - Strawberries 
                                                                        - Blueberries
                                                                        - Any other fruit you'd like!
                                                                        - And of course, Nutella! :)

Extra supplies include:

                                                                             - whisk
                                                                             - ladle
                                                                             - flat wooden spatula
                                                                             - T-shape spatula
                                                                             - measuring spoon
Let's begin!
  1. Start by adding 125g of flour to your bowl
  2. Add a pinch of salt and mix together
  3. Add the 2 eggs and mix
  4. Pour the milk (250g) a little at a time while stirring the mix
  5. Finally, measure a tablespoon of the butter and melt it in the pan (without letting it sizzle) and add to the bowl 
  6. Continue stirring/mixing until the mix reaches a liquid-y state

Making the crepe:
  1. Scoop out a ladleful of the mix and pour it onto the non-stick pan
  2. Use the T-shape spatula to spread the batter and fill up the base of the pan
  3. When the crepe firms, use the flat wooden spatula to flip it over. 
  4. The crepe should be a golden brownish color.
  5. The second side will cook much faster than the first, it should take about a minute and a half to cook both sides.
Decoration and Toppings!
  1. Place the crepe flat on a plate and wait about a minute for it to cool.
  2. With a knife, spread the Nutella evenly across the crepe.
  3. Cut small pieces of strawberry (or any other fruit of your choice) and place them on half of the crepe.
  4. Fold the crepe in half.
  5. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top
  6. For decoration, you can add additional powdered sugar and strawberries around the crepe on the plate.
  7. Grab a knife and fork and enjoy!

I really hope you get the chance to try this recipe. It' honestly really easy and quick to make. And don't worry if you think you are a mess or a hazard in the kitchen (trust me I am no expert either), because I promise you will be able to do this and become a pro. 

I also made a video showing how to make this so if you want you can check that out too :)

Happy cooking!

                                                                                                                                       - Diana :)


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