DIY: Jewelry Display

I got the idea to do this jewelry display from a random youtube video I saw a few months ago. I just re-decorated my room so I thought this was the perfect time to try this DIY project. It's pretty simple to do and so affordable. In my case I had an old cork board that I wanted to re-use and this was the perfect time to do it. I hope you try it out too. Its a nice and simple way to spice up your room.  

What You'll Need

- Cork board
- Drawer liner
- Scissors
- Measuring Tape
- Push Pins
- Pencil
- Ruler 
- Jewelry

The mess that used to be my jewelry box

Found these push pins + the drawer liner at the Dollar Section at Target

How To:

1. Use the measuring tape to measure the length and width of the cork board (not including the boarder)
2. Lay the draw liner out (on the back side) and measure out the length and width of the cork board.
3. Use a pencil to mark the measurements on the squares on the back of the paper.
4. Use the lines as a guide to cut 

5. Peel off the paper and start sticking it to the the cork board little by little
6. As you are laying the paper on top of the board use the ruler to get rid of all the air bubbles and make it smoother. 

7.  Start placing the jewelry on the board until you've figured out your desired layout

8. Use the pushpins to hold them in place.

9. Hang/Place your new jewelry display! 


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