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A Phantastic Night

Last Thursday night was my last semi-formal ever :( If you read my post from last year (A Night in Wonderland), you remember that every year my school hosts a Spring semi-formal and I've been going ever since I was a sophomore. They are always a lot of fun to attend and they always have creative themes; this year it was Phantom of the Opera! Of course being the Broadway fanatic that I am, when I heard that that was the theme I got extremely excited because A) I love the musical and B) Anything thats Broadway themed makes me really happy.
This year was extremely special, not only because it was my last one, but because I went with a group of my very close friends and we had a pretty amazing night. So, if you want to hear more about this glamorous night, the makeup, the dress, and all the fun stuff, keep on reading!
Getting Ready   Because of the theme, I really wanted to go all out, even with my makeup. I wanted to make sure it was elegant and very glamourous. These are the product…

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