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Weekend Getaway to Philly

On labor day weekend, my best friend and I decided to go on a nice long weekend getaway to Philadelphia. It was the perfect opportunity to escape our daily routine and go on a short adventure. We had both previously been to Philadelphia with other friends or family and really liked it because it's a nice small town with a lot of history behind it and it's only a 2 hour drive from home. It was just the perfect spot. We ended up spending 3 and a half days there; we left on Thursday night and came back Monday afternoon. 
Before our trip, we planned out our days with things we wanted to do and places we wanted to visit. Of course, everything doesn't always go as planned so there were a few bumps on the road. For one, we went on the same weekend that Made in America was happening so of course that was hectic and a portion of the city was blocked off. Second, some places needed to be booked in advance and we didn't know so unfortunately we didn't get to go to them. Desp…

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