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What's In My Bag ?

I don't know why but I feel like many people (included myself) are kind of obsessed with "What's in my Bag?" blog posts or videos on YouTube. I personally find it so fascinating to see what others carry in their bags; I think it's really interesting and it can tell a lot about a person and their personalities. That is why I decided to do my own "what's in my bag" post. So, if you're interested and love these posts as much as me, keep on reading :)
My go to bag at the moment is this adorable backpack I bought at Macy's Backstage. It was only $20.00 and it looked so cute I just had to get it. For me, it was the perfect size because it's not as big as other backpacks, yet it's still big enough to fit a lot of things. In it, I carry everything I feel I may need to get throughout the day.

This portable charger is literally a life saver and essential to my everyday life. If you know me, I am addicted to my phone and I am constantly using …

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