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Outfit of the Day ft. Aldo Shoes

During the month of February, Aldo, came out with a super cute Valentine's Day collection that included some shoes, handbags, and other accessories with some cute prints. And though I'm not sure the shoes I'm about to show you were technically a part of the collection, they were displayed alongside them in stores and really caught my attention.
I'm not usually one to buy funky sneakers with bright colors or cool prints...I'm actually just not a sneakers kind of girl overall unless they are Converse; however, as soon as I saw these I fell in love. I thought they looked super cool and would be a great addition to a simple yet chic outfit. 
After much debate, my best friend convinced me to get them and we actually agreed we would both buy them so we could have fun matching shoes. That got me really excited and we quickly ordered them online. The original price was $70, but because it was our first time ordering we got a discount and ended up paying $60 each. When the…

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