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It Was All A Dream: Dream Machine

Yesterday, I attended a really cool interactive experience in Brooklyn called Dream Machine. I initially discovered it through Instagram after I saw a couple of people I follow post pictures and it looked like a fun activity to indulge in. So, I decided to check it out :)
Tickets for this experience were a little pricey but worth it in my opinion. The admission price was $38, but because you can only buy them in advance online, you also have to pay a fee. With that included, it came out to $40 each. The ticket is also non-refundable (unless you pay for an insurance fee) so make sure you are for sure going to make it on the day that you choose and the time slot that you pick!
The Dream Machine experience is made up of 8 interactive rooms all creatively decorated and completely different from each other. There is also a secret room that I would suggest keeping an eye out for because it was quite mesmerizing. The theme of each room was unique and every inch of every room was an Instagra…

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