For Selena, With Love

I cannot even contain my excitement as I write this post because it honestly has to be one of my favorites. As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of the one and only and forever my queen, Selena Quintanilla. I could honestly sit here for hours and write about how much I love her and how much her music changed my life but I will leave that for another time. For this post I will do my best to keep it short and sweet.

I've been a fan of Selena ever since I was 8 years old. I discovered her randomly one day when I went to the library with my mom. I was looking through VHS videos and suddenly saw a beautiful woman on the cover it and her name was Selena. I saw that it was a VHS of music videos so I decided to take it home. I have to say I probably replayed that tape over 100 times and I kept checking it out at the library because I totally became obsessed. Her music was so catchy and when she sang and danced I just felt such a deep connection with her. I cannot tell you how heartbroken I was when my mom told me that she had actually died years ago. I could not believe that such an amazing talent was gone! 

I think the reason I love her so much is because she was one of the first Latina role models that I discovered. I loved that there was someone out there that looked like me with tan skin, dark hair and that was fully Latina. It made me so happy to see someone that was from hispanic heritage just like me could make it big and become such a superstar. Also, her music just fills my hear with such indescribable joy. 

When I found out that MAC was coming out with a collection for her, I almost started crying with joy. Since the day they announced it months ago, I had been impatiently waiting for them to re-lease it. Unfortunately the online stock sold out in minutes which was my biggest fear and of course I was devastated! I immediate went on twitter and the MAC website to see when the in-store release would be and made it my absolute mission to get at least one product. I decided to wake up early to go to the MAC store in the city the day of the release. I knew the store opened at 9:00 and I got there at around 8:10. I was number 53 on line. The whole time I was so nervous because with these kind of collections they don't usually have that much inventory available. Not only that but I know Selena fans, like myself, can go hardcore when it comes to her....I mean anything for Selinas right? ;) I wasn't going to let that stop me though. I was willing to do whatever it took to get my Selena products! While waiting in line, I made some friends and we were all anxiously waiting for the clock to hit 9. They let us in in groups of 20 so I didn't get in to the actual store until like 9:30, but it didn't matter because not only did I walk out with 1 product but I walked out with 4! Of course I was broke by the time I walked out of the store but to me it was all worth it. It was all for my idol and queen, Selena! 

What I Bought

I ended up getting all three lipsticks from the collection as well as an eyeshadow :)

"Como La Flor",  "Amor Prohibido" , "Dreaming of You" 


Below, are pictures of me wearing all the products and how I styled each with different eye makeup and outfits that not only show off the product but also represent my personal style. Enjoy!

Como La Flor

I love the shade "Como La Flor" because it is Selena's iconic red color and
whenever I wear it, I feel like I have a little piece of her with me.

As you can see, this lip color is more of a bright red. Therefore, I went with not so bright eye makeup. I decided to use a golden/brown shadow palette and made it a bit of a smokey look. I finished the eye look with my signature winged liner, which Selena would sometimes wear too :)

For this look, I wore my DIY Selena shirt dress that I made over the summer and ironically it  matched the name of lipstick. I felt that the red of the letters and flower on the shirt made the color of the lip stand out more. I paired it with a chocker to give the outfit a little of a modernized 90s feel. Because the shirt dress was a little too short for my liking, I paired it with leggings and some over-the-knee boots. 

Amor Prohibido

The shade "Amor Prohibido" is a little more subtle than the other two colors
It is a simpler yet pretty nude lipstick with pink undertones. 

For this look, I went with a girly and glittery eye look. I keep the eyeshadows in the pink/purple family with a very subtle smokey look. It was very feminine and glamorous and I loved it!

In person the lipstick is a little less pink than in the picture but it also depends on which lighting you see it in.
Either way, it a gorgeous color!

One of my new statement necklaces! I feel like a princess when I wear it!

Full makeup look :)

It was a bit cold that day so I went with this cozy little attire. I paired my cream colored Abercrombie sweater with this beautiful velvet skirt from H&M. I took this soft and comfy scarf I had and used it as a shall. It matched and completed the looked perfectly! 

Dreaming of You

The shade "Dreaming of You" is my absolute favorite! It is darker red than the
other red and it is a lovely fall color.

For this makeup, I wore the "Selena" shadow. I basically recreated the look that the lovely ladies that work at MAC were wearing the day of the launch. They wore the "Selena" shadow with the "Dreaming of You" lipstick and I really liked the combination. The only thing I changed was that I added a bit of a darker purple in the corner for a smokey effect.

Wearing one of my favorite necklaces :)

A closer look at the makeup.

For this outfit, I decided to re-create one of Selena's look from one of my favorite pictures of her. I wore a white shirt and paired it with light wash jeans and a black belt. The only difference is that because I wanted to wear the shirt mainly open, I wore a black tank underneath! This was honestly one of my favorite outfits that I have ever worn.

I had so much creating these three looks and wearing all of my MAC Selena products. One of her dreams was to have a makeup collection and the fact that it happened and I know own some of it is just amazing. She honestly means so much to me I will continue to love her music and keep her legacy alive!

xoxo, Diana  


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