Color Extravaganza: Andy Warhol Inspired Story Board

The inspiration for our story was Andy Warhol and his artwork throughout his career. We decided to focus on his artwork in general because it is all about loud and bold colors. As we all know, color is one of the most important elements of a garment. It is for reason that we made it our main focus.  

If you look at the board starting from left to right, you'll be able to see that the way we organized it is so that it starts off with bolder high fashion editorial looks to more wearable everyday lifestyle looks. The board begins with a focus on colored hair; colorful hair has been a huge trend these past couple of seasons and we believe that it will continue to be. Of course, not everyone is comfortable going for  vibrant red or forest green hair, but there are other options such as a subtle pink. Continuing with the topic of hair and beauty, we also included eye makeup, lips, and nail polish. Make-up and nail color are great ways to add a pop of color to your look without going too much out of the box. The middle and right side of the board, which is where you can see most outfits, go from trend setting looks such as a neon green knit skirt to more basic outfits such as a neon green Adidas hoodie. Moving on to accessories, we included items such as a handbag that seems like it could be a painting as well as a simple single color bright red bag.

For the editorial looks, we decided an art studio would be the best place to shoot. We would use a white background and white lighting so that the colors in the clothes will be shown better and also so that they would be the center of attention. The clothing would be a little more edgy and fashion forward such as the outfit with the blue shirt with big shoulder pads and the skirt which has Picasso-like designs. The model that would fit the look best would be someone like Coco Rocha because she is amazing with her poses and she would be able to show-off the garments better.

For our lifestyle looks, a good setting would be a street in Soho or maybe Brooklyn. As for lighting, it would be natural sunlight. The models we would choose are Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and maybe Cara Delevingne. The outfits we would use include the bright yellow coat shown in the board probably layered on top of a blue or red shirt or dress. Another garment we would include would be the multicolored crew-neck striped sweater. The models would be shown in a natural environment such as shopping, having brunch, or even just crossing a street to show that these colors can be worn everyday in many different ways. 

Of course, just because our storyboard is filled with a large variety of hues, it does not mean that a whole outfit has to be colorful; it can just be used for color inspiration. For example, a person can be wearing an all black jumpsuit and wear bright yellow shoes as well as a multicolored bag (such as the one shown on the board) to complete the look. To give you a better understanding of what I mean, I've created 4 outfits using the board as inspiration to show all the many ways these colors can be worn. Whether you are a fashion risk taker or someone who loves to incorporate just a splash of color into their wardrobe, I am going to show you how to rock an Andy Warhol artwork inspired look. 

Look #1

This is the type of outfit that I like to call a risk taker. It is bold and it only takes one look to grab people's attention. It is an interesting mix of colors that go really well together. This outfit is head to toe Moschino and this was actually the first brand I thought of because I am familiar with Jeremy Scott's work; he is daring and unafraid to try the unexpected when it comes to his designs. Therefore, I believe this outfit fit the Andy Warhol theme perfectly. The first item I chose was the cropped sweatshirt; I was really intrigued by the mix of hues. My first thought was to pair it with a pair of print or colored jeggings; however; I came across this skirt that had some of the colors on the sweatshirt and I thought this would be a better choice. The reason for that is that apart from the top and bottom border designs, the skirt is a solid color and it wouldn't take too much attention from the top which is the main focus. As for the shoes, I chose this pair of wedged heels whose design incorporated the colors of the whole outfit and it unified the look. To finish the outfit, I added yellow camera iPhone case, which also looks like a purse, to make the outfit stand out even more. 

Sweatshirt: Moschino - $769
Intarsia Skirt - $495
Printed Wedge - $225
iPhone Case - $85

Outfit #2
This outfit is for the everyday working woman that loves to be stylish and sport the latest trends. This is also an example of how to mix neutral colors with more vibrant ones. I chose the black jumpsuit as the base of the outfit because it could pretty much be paired with any item of any color and still look great. To fit the Andy Warhol theme, I went with this gorgeous multicolored zig-zag print blazer to layer on top. I thought this went great with the jumpsuit not only because it adds so much color but also because the black outlines of the blazer match the suit making the look more cohesive. To add even more color and make the look a little more vibrant, I chose this gorgeous pair or purple heels. I thought they looked great with the purple in the blazer and they also stand out because of the all black base garment. 

Jumpsuit: Stella McCartney - $4095
Blazer: Missoni - $8480
Shoes: Nine West - $105

Outfit #3

I envision this outfit on a woman going out to brunch or on a shopping trip with her girlfriends in the city. It is daring in terms of the lively colors but it is wearable for an everyday look in terms of the garment choices. I chose a simple short-sleeve navy dress as my base for this outfit because it would be easy to layer color on top. I really loved the bright yellow coat on our story board so I looked for one that was similar and found this one to go on top of the dress. I still felt, however, that this wasn't enough to fit the theme. Therefore, I decided to add a red silk lace scarf. I wanted the shoes to be my main focus and as I soon as I saw these, I knew they were the ones. They were the perfect combination of all the colors used for this look and it completed it perfectly.

Coat: Sheinside - $31.83
Dress: RiverIsland - $35
Scarf: Valentino - $990
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia

Outfit #4

This outfit is very different from the others, but I thought it was important to show how these colors could be used on a more casual look. I took inspiration from the neon green Adidas hoodie on the storyboard. Then I came across these pair of Vans and thought their design fit very well with the color scheme. I decided to make the shoes the center of attention because they had the most going on in terms of print and they are what gives the look a little more interest. I decided to finish off the outfit with white jeans and a white backpack to match the base of the vans. Finally, I added a blue hair bow to match the writing on the hoodie. 

Pullover Hoodie: Northface- $55
Shoes: Vans - 35
Jeans: Proenza Schouler - $281
Bow: Etsy - $10
Backpack: Deux Lux - $130

These are only a few options for outfit choices; there are million other combinations that you can create to fit your own personal style. So tell me, how would you style your Andy Warhol look?

                                                                                                                                                 - Diana :)

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  1. Awesome job putting the looks together! It was nice to see how you styled outfits for different types of women (risk-taker, working woman,), while simultaneously tying the theme in with all of the outfits!

  2. I love your looks! The first one is a lot of fun. It is definitely something that you would not exactly see out on the streets but it would look great in a shoot. I like how the second look is more professional. It is definitely something that can be seen out in the workplace.

  3. I love the first look you styled; especially using the phone case as an accessory to be worn with the outfit! Today almost everyone carries their phone in hand, on a daily basis. Making a satchel that holds any phone is stylish and becoming more trendy. Your looks definitely reflect inspiration from Andy Warhol's artwork.

  4. LOVE YOUR OUTFITS! especially the first one. The third one is amazing because the pieces are all very basic but it still very funky and chic. I like you can go through every single details of the photoshoot. Even the prices of every garments are very clear.


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