Toiletpaper Paradise

Last Thursday, I went to a really fun exhibit called Toiletpaper Paradise at the Cadillac House in downtown Manhattan. This was one of the funnest interactive experiences I have ever been too.  The Toiletpaper Paradise was an exhibition brought to life by Toilterpaper magazine and it allowed visitors to come in and engage in their extraordinary creation. 

The exhibit was a huge room that was broken into parts where each section was a room inside a home. It had a bathroom, kitchen/dining room, living room with a bar, and a bedroom. However, they weren't just ordinary rooms, they were decorated in the most intriguing and extravagant manner. There were walls with very interesting wallpapers such as spaghetti, popcorn galaxies, and fish. Even the rugs, cushions, couches had fun art and prints on them. There wasn't a single space you looked at where there wasn't a splash of color or amusing art piece. The whole place gave out retro vibes with some of the decor. Everything was very vibrant and mesmerizing in a way. Though, in a normal world, the rooms would seem a bit odd, that is what made it so fun to interact and explore while walking through them. 

The room had many objects that you could move around and basically set up the scene however you wanted. I had a lot of fun creating a different setting in each room and just picturing what it would be like to actually live in a place like that. It was the perfect place to step away from reality for a bit and enter a world where you could just let your imagination take a control. 

Of course, I couldn't go to this amazing interactive experience and not have a mini photoshoot session. So, please enjoy some pictures I took at the Toiletpaper Paradise below :)

Casually making a drink at my luxury bar ;)

Tea Anyone?

Retro Vibes

Real life imitates art or art imitating real life?


Having a little Glam Session

Lizzie McGuire Vibes

Taking it back to the 90s

So Glam 

Just a girl and her best friends 

I would highly recommend visiting this exhibit to anyone. I really think it is enjoyable to any person of any age and even those who aren't even into art at all. Why not let your weird side out for a bit and just take goofy and fun pictures right? ;)

If you are interested in going the "Toiletpaper Paradise", it runs through April 12 and it is located at The Gallery at Cadillac House.

Now, go enjoy yourselves and share your fabulous pics!

-xoxo, Diana 


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