Make-Up Haul & Review

A couple of weeks ago, I went a little make-up crazy and bought a couple of new beauty products. The products that I got range from affordable drug store items to higher end items. I really wanted to test out new brands and new items even if it meant I had to splurge on some of them because I wasn't very happy anymore with the ones I was using at the time. So, I decided it was time for a change. I also decided to wait a little before doing the haul because I wanted to test out the products and give you guys a little review on them. So, if you're interested, keep scrolling down to find out more :)

Marc Jacobs Products
Re(marc)able Foundation: $55.00
Re(marc)able Full Cover Concealer: $32.00
Perfection Powder Featherlight Finish: $46.00

The Marc Jacobs products were definitely the most expensive items I bought, but I was willing to pay more for a higher quality product. Here are my thoughts:

- Foundation: It is full coverage and it is absolutely amazing. This is the only foundation I have used so far that gives me so much coverage without making my skin look cake-y. Another great thing about it is that a few drops of it go a long way. Of course, you can always build it up more depending on how much coverage you want. The foundation goes on pretty smoothly and it dries pretty quickly making your skin look flawless. There is one down side to this foundation and that has to do with the packaging. It comes in a frosted glass bottle which I love; however it doesn't have a pump. Instead it comes with a dropper, which can sometimes get a little messy.
Rate: 8/10
- Concealer: I really liked the concealer but I am not in love with it. It does a pretty good job of covering my dark under eye circles but I've yet to find a product that covers them completely and takes away the puffiness. I also find that this product is a little too creamy for my liking and sometimes it doesn't go on too smoothly on my skin.
Rate: 6/10
- Powder: What I really like about this powder is that it is compact which means it won't go flying all over the place and I have more control over how much I put on my face. This powder is nothing out of the ordinary but it does the job and it's pretty good; however, I don't think it was worth the $46.00. The packaging is gorgeous however and its a pretty big size.
Rate: 7/10

e.l.f Ultimate Blending Brush: $6.00
MAC 195 Concealer brush: $25.00
e.l.f Eyebrow Duo Brush: $3.00

-Blending Brush: This brush is literally the best $6.00 I've ever spent on a beauty brush. When I was getting my makeup done at Marc Jacobs, the makeup artist recommended that I use a fluffy thick brush when applying the foundation; however, the one he was using from Marc Jacobs was $48.00 and I did not think it was worth it. So, I did my research and found this amazing elf brush that does the exact same thing. It blends my foundation in so well and leaves everything looking nice and even. It is also really nice and soft and I absolutely love it.
Rate: 10/10
-Concealer Brush: My favorite thing about this brush is that it is so soft. Not really sure it was worth the $25.00 though because literally all I use it for is to get the concealer from the container and spread it on my face. I don't even use it to blend it in. I do think it's a nice brush though and I'm sure it will last me a long time.
Rate: 7/10
- Eyebrow Duo: The brush is nothing out of the ordinary. It just does the basic job of making them look neater. I recently became obsessed with my eyebrows and filling them in, combing, and shaping them but I don't want to spend too much money on products so I found this brush to be a great start. I haven't used the brush side yet but so far I really like this item.
Rate: 8.5/10

CoverGirl Plumply blast Pro Mascara: $8.99

- Mascara: I really like the new mascara that CoverGirl recently brought out. The brush is very unique; it has a spiral shape and at the top it has what I call a spiky pom pom ball which is great to reach the inner lashes. I really like this mascara because it gives my lashes volume and a bit of length. It's not my favorite mascara but I am definitely pleased with it.
Rate: 8/10

up&up Eye Makeup Remover: $4.59

- Makeup Remover: I used to only use makeup remover wipes because I thought they were just easer and less of a hassle; however recently I started to feel like it didn't take my makeup off completely. So, I decided to try a liquid one. Now I know this one just says eye makeup remover but I actually used it for my whole face it. I was a little afraid it might break me out but it actually didn't. I really like that just a little amount of it takes a lot of makeup off. It also doesn't leave my skin oily or sticky in any way.
Rate: 9/10

Beauty Blender: $20.00

- Beauty Blender: After years of always seeng makeup tutorials where the gurus used a beauty blender and raved about it, I finally decided to buy one. It was a bit of an investment because let's be real who would pay $20.00 for a sponge; however, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. It is really soft and gentle on the skin and it does a great job at blending my foundation and concealer. It was definitely worth the purchase.
Rate: 8/10

Sonia Kashuk Grand Bazaar Color Palette: $19.99 (Sale Price: $5.98)

- Palette: One of the main reasons I bought this palette was honestly just because it was on sale. I love the packaging; I think its so pretty and I love the color combinations. The palette comes with 4 eyeshadow colors and 2 blushes. It has a lot of pink tones which I love because they are so fun and girly. Overall, I am really enjoying using this palette. 

So far Im really loving  these new products and they are working very well for me. I hope this helps you decide whether you want to try them out and let me know if you love them too! Until next time and remember to always be fierce ;)

                                                                                                                                               - xoxo, Diana 


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