Oh My DVF!

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is about my idol, the one and only Diane von Fursternberg. I had the amazing chance to meet her at this event she did at a bookstore. I was able to get a copy of her autobiography "The Woman I wanted to Be" and get it signed and personalized by her. I was so thrilled and I honestly could not contain my excitement. Being a fashion student and a fashion lover, DVF has become one of my inspirations and I can only hope to be as successful as she has been in the fashion world.

Me and Diane :) Of course I had to wear a DVF outfit to meet her! This was the Celeste long sleeve romper.

To Diana, Love is Life. Love, Diane.

The reason I love this woman so much is because she is all about women empowerment and encouraging women to run the world without not let anything get in the way of their dreams. I think that is one of the most important things to teach women in this world and we all need to unite together and help each other to be successful. She is such a strong person who has gone through an incredible journey and has a made a name for herself in this hectic world of fashion. She is respected by many and she stands by her beliefs and I really like that about her.

I also just absolutely love her clothing. The fun colors and prints bring so much life to your closet. I love brand overall. The design is amazing and they have such an incredible team that make the DVF brand as successful as it is. My ultimate dream is to work for the company and I will work extremely hard to get there. For now though I am just so glad I got to meet her and talk with her even for just a few seconds. It was truly an honor.

- Diana :)


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