Spring Outfits Inspiration: Over the Knee Socks Edition

Living in New York during winter can be both a blessing and a nightmare. A blessing because sometimes we get snow and it looks beautiful with all the lights and decorations during Christmas time. However, it can also be a nightmare because once it gets to January and February, the days get duller and we experience an unbearable cold weather. Not only that but the weather totally clashes with our outfit choices because we are forced to wear heavy coats and many layers to keep our selves warm. That is why I am so excited that we are getting to the last stages of winter and will be moving into spring.
I love Spring because it is the perfect weather; it gets warmer but not as hot as summer. Also, flowers start to blossom, the trees get greener, and the world fills with color again. It is also the perfect time to start planning cute outfits without having to worry that you'll have to wear a heavy coat and cover it up. I am so excited for Spring that I already have some outfits in mind and I will be sharing them with you.
You may notice that they all have on thing in common and that is over-the-knee socks. I am currently obsessed with them and I have recently bought quite a few pairs. I just love the way they look and how well they can go with an outfit. Knee high socks can make your legs look longer and when paired with a pair of shoes that have a heel, they can make you look taller which is a great benefit for short people like myself.

Now, onto the outfits!

Outfit #1

I absolutely love polka dot dresses and the reason is that they remind of the 1950s and one of my favorite shows called "I Love Lucy". I also really like peter pan collars so I thought this was the perfect combination for both. I chose to pair these with white over-the-knee socks because they went well with the white polka dots. I also decided to pair it with a cream cardigan because it is still a little chilly in Spring so pairing a dress with a light cardigan can be perfect for that type of weather. As for the shoes, I went with a light pink tick heeled shoe to add a little bit of a feminine touch. Finally, I went with a small brown cross over bag to complement the look. 

Outfit #2

This outfit is a little more preppy and my inspiration for this was Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. This looks like something she would have worn when she still attended Constance. I really love skirts; dresses and skirts are my kind of thing. They just make me feel very feminine and girly. For this outfit, I went with a pleated black polyester and rubber skirt. I love these kinds of skirts because they are pretty stiff but have a a really nice shape that stays the entire time. I went with a basic white shirt because that is just a staple piece in my closet and it is also very Blair Waldorf. I chose to go with red over the knee socks to add a pop of color and a statement red necklace to match. I would use the necklace to wear instead of the black neck tie. To finish the look, I decided to go with a pair of black ankle booties.

Outfit #3

The third look that I put together is very flirty and girly and I am absolutely in love with it. To many people's surprise I am not a big fan of wearing pink clothing; however, I really liked this pleated light pink skirt. I thought grey over-the-socks would go great with this outfit because it is nice contrast between a dark and light color. I decided to go with a simple white crop top to not take away too much attention from the skirt. In addition, I went with a jean vest just to make the outfit a little more edgy rather than just girly. Finally, I paired the look with a pair of tan ankle booties to match the light colors in the outfit. 

I hope these looks give you inspirations for outfits that fit your own personal style. Just remember wear whatever makes you feel like yourself and own your fierce look! :)

                                                                                                                                                    - Diana :)

images and collages done on: Polyvore


  1. I love outfit #1 on your blog post because I feel polka dots are slowly making a comeback! As seen on the runways during fashion week and more and more in retailers, this is a classic trend that many designers may think to reinvent for spring!

  2. I love making polyvore collages when I get inspired...such a great way to make outfit and virtually shop!! I am so with you on the ready-for-spring bandwagon!!! I need some warmer weather and blooming flowers! Love the layering pieces you chose too!!


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