Preppy Chic

Nothing makes me happier than the transition to a new season. We get each  season for a whole 3 months and honestly I get bored after the first month. I love change so starting a new season is like a fresh new start. Spring is coming up and I am so excited because it is one of my favorite times of year. The weather gets a little bit warmer and we get to change our wardrobes. Of course, we can't change it completely yet because it is still a little cold. Especially in New York; the weather can be a little indecisive. This is why I've come up with an outfit which I actually wore last week that would be perfect for this winter/spring transition.

I call this outfit Preppy Chic because it has a bit of a preppy feel to it; however it is still very stylish. I also consider this outfit to be a little bit out of my comfort zone because I rarely wear light wash jeans or crew neck sweaters; however, I saw an outfit similar to this on Pinterest and I got inspiration from that.  Also, I want to change my wardrobe a little and be a little more risky with fashion. It's a lot of fun to play with clothes and you never know what amazing look you'll come up with.

The Inspiration

(Click pic for link)

My Interpretation

For the crew neck, I chose a black one I had recently purchased from my school's book store. In the front, it has Fashion Institute of Technology written in a pretty pink. As opposed to the blue shirt the girl used in the picture, I went with a basic white so it can stand out better with the black. I followed her style and let the collar show as well as let the shirt pop out a little from the bottom. For the bottoms, I kept the light wash jean look; however I didn't roll it up because I wore a pair of black mid calf boots and I wanted them over the jeans. When I wore the outfit, I wore it this way for most of the day, but when it got a little chilly at night I layered a basic black coat on top. I thought the coat added a nice contrast between the light and dark colors of the outfit. 

Crewneck: FIT bookstore - $32.00
Shirt: H&M - $19.95
Jeans: Regular Price - $49.50 but they are currently on sale for $25!
Boots: Rock and Candy - Regular: $100.00 but got them at Nordstrom Rack for $50! :)
Black Coat: Zara - $189.00


  1. I love that you used pieces that are actually in your wardrobe! It makes it feel so much more attainable, because as much as we want everything in our closets to be designer, we are still broke college students!!


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