A Night with Lola!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Broadway musicals. They also probably know that I have been dying to see Kinky Boots since forever! Well, thanks to my amazing school, it finally happened!

So basically every month, my school holds raffles/lottery where they have a selection of broadway shows and if your name gets picked, you can buy up to 2 tickets for a cheap price! Sometimes, instead of the lottery, they will sell tickets on a first come first serve basis which is what they did this time. I saw the announcement on instagram and was immediately excited. I ran to the student center after class that day and was the third person online. One of my good friends from school met up with me and we both bought tickets for $25.00! I would also like to mention that the seats were amazing :) The show was on the same day we bought the tickets: Thursday, January 29th, at 7:00 p.m. We were both thrilled and could honestly not wait.

We got to the Al Hirschfeld Theater at around 6:00 and waited anxiously for the doors to open. At 6:30, we went in and walked to our seats. We were greeted by this fabulous guy who was wearing a pretty shade of blue nail polish. We were actually surprised at how good our seats were; we were in the left side of the front mezzanine and had a really nice view. 

We sat down and got comfortable as I shared with my friend my Broadway Show watching tradition. Every time I see I show, I have a small tradition which consists of taking a picture of the stage, the playbill and ticket, and a selfie with the person I am watching the show with. I then make a picstich and share it with my friends and family on my social media sites. Many people may think it's silly but I think it's fun and it gets me more excited for the show. 

The show began at around 7:10. I had heard so many good reviews about the show so I had very high expectations. I am happy to say that they were met already by the first half of they show. The show was just so much fun to watch overall: the music was catchy, the actors were great, and the dancing was incredible! I have never wanted to be a character as much as I wanted to be Lola or one of the Angels. They were all just fabulous and had me dancing in my seat the whole time. The guy who played Lola (Kyle Taylor Parker) gave an absolutely breath-taking performance. I wasn't too sure about him at first just because he was succeeding tony winner Billy Porter, but he absolutely blew me away with his performance and had a very powerful voice.

I thought Andy Kelso, who played  Charlie, also did an amazing job. One of his solos from the second act,"Soul of a Man", was so powerful that it gave me chills. My favorite character; however, was Lauren! This role was by Jeanna de Waal and she was great. She was extremely funny and her facial expressions were the best part. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

All the actors were incredible; I honestly could not have asked for anything better. I was really excited to see Paul Canaan; I thought he was totally fierce and makes a really pretty woman to be completely honest. Jessie Mueller's sister, Abby, played Trish in this performance and I was thrilled to see her as well. She's crazy talented. Additionally, I loved all of the songs for different reasons, but my absolute favorites were "Land of Lola", "Everybody Say Yeah", "History of Wrong Guys", 'Raise You Up/Just Be", and of course "Sex is in the Heel".

As for the sets and costumes, they were fairly simple, but what gave the numbers so much life were the rhythm of the music and the lighting. Lola's costumes were the ones with the most work and the ones that stood out the most (as it should). There was so much glitter and sequins and that made the character so fabulous. I also thought it was a good idea that the focus was more on the elaborate 6 inch heeled boots and everything else was kept more simple. That way, it was easier to focus more on the story which was incredibly creative.

We also got to meet the cast after the show and it was amazing. I totally geeked out when Kyle came out. I want to be his best friend.

Anyway, I would give this show a 9.5/10 rating and it is definitely on my Top 5 favorite musicals. I would definitely recommend this show to everyone as I think they would really love it. I mean the music was written by the amazing Cindy Lauper and the book was written by the incredible Harvey Fierstein (who wrote my favorite musical ever: Newsies!). It can't get any better than that!

Here are some pictures from that night. Enjoy!

Jake Odmark - Harry/Emsemble

Jeanna de Waal - Lauren

Andy Kelso - Charlie Price

Kyle Taylor Price - Lola

                                                                                                                              -Diana :)


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