My Little Shopping Crime ;)

Have you ever gone out to buy one thing but ended up buying 50 and what was supposed to be a $10 buy turned to $100? And after you got home you hated yourself but loved everything you bought? If you answered yes, then I am the first person to say I totally understand you and feel for you. If you answered no, you are definitely lying!! I think every single person has been through this at least once in their life and I am no exception.

I have done this too many times to keep track and my recent little crime happened just last weekend. I would just like to take this time to first and foremost blame my best friend because she was a terrible friend and didn't stop me! Yet again, I also influenced her to make some purchases so let's just say that we should never be allowed to shop together ever again….until our next shopping trip which we are already planning….oops!

Anyway, although I only went out for moisturizer, I ended up spending nearly $200. After hanging out in the city, we stopped at Target on our way home….HUGE mistake! Let me just put it this way, Target is basically our second home; we both live minutes away from it so we go there nearly everyday. Whenever we shop there, there is no stopping us! We just always find good deals especially in the makeup and dollar section and we clearly have absolutely no self control. Since we found good deals at our target we decided to go to another Target which was further but we wanted to see if they had different variety and assortments. When we got there, we saw a Nordstrom Rack nearby so we obviously had to stop there too. All this running around and spending money occurred in the span of 3 hours and we hated ourselves after yet we were content with our purchases :)

Now to the important stuff; here is what I got!

Okay this purchase was actually from a few days prior but I just had to share it because I am love. I love Christian Siriano but lets be real, I can't afford his high end collections. Therefor, when I heard he was doing a collaboration with Payless, I had to check it out! I found these little gems on sale for $25.00 :) They're just a pair of basic black flats but the details make it special. I love the design on the inside fabric as well as the gold in the studs on the heels and front detailing.


Many of the things that I got were because I am re-doing my room this summer so I am looking for little things to decorate with. A lot of the items I got, I'm going to use for DIY projects because the colors they came in won't match my new room color plan so I'm going to paint them and make them in a way so they fit in. They were all from the dollar section but some of them cost  $3.00. Still, I thought it was a good deal. I also got some really nice knee high socks which were both on sale for just $2.00 each. Finally, I needed a new lip balm so I got one of the Baby Lips one from Maybelline. I'm really excited to try it. 

Nordstrom Rack

Although I only bought 2 items from here, this is where I spent the most money. Both items, however, were bought for a really good price. The first thing I got were a pair of mid calf boots from a brand called Rock and Candy. They are black with a small heel and they have laces in the front but they zip up from the side. Price: $50.00. The second item was a gorgeous Kate Spade wallet in pink and black. My best friend found the same wallet which she loved but hers was all black. We literally stayed inside the store for about 10 minutes debating whether to buy them or not. In the end we convinced each other to just go for it and ended up with matching wallets! :) Price: $50.00 

So now that I've told you about my little shopping crime, what have been some of your latest impulse buys? 

                                                                                                                                                    - Diana :)


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