Runway Trends: Leaf and Floral

As you may already know, one of the weeks that all fashion lovers anxiously await for every year is finally here! Yes, I am talking about Fashion Week of course. This is the time of year where all of our favorite designers come out with their newest collections and we get to obsess over it throughout the entire season. A select few are lucky enough to physically be present at the show and see the clothing, accessories, and designers up close and personal. Most of us can only ever dream of getting the full experience; however, that doesn't mean that we can't stay updated and catch up on the latest trends! Lucky for us there are blogs and other fashions sites that can keep us updated on what is happening in the fashion world and what to look out for.

One of my personal favorite sites is I have been on it frequently these past couple of days to see what my favorite designers have come out with for the fall season. I love this site because it is so easy to use and it shows you pictures of all the looks as well as give you a review of the collection. I am so in love with it that I even downloaded the app on my phone!

While looking through all the fashion shows and exploring the collections, I came across a few interesting trends. The one that stood out to me this season, however, is the use of floral and leaf patterns on a wide selection of garments.

The first three photos (top 2 and bottom left) come from Diane Von Furstenberg's fall 2015 collection. Diane is known for her fabulous wrap dresses and this season she used the floral print on many of them. Both wrap dresses shown have two way bright colored floral prints. Because they are wrap dresses, they both have a V-shaped neckline. The other DVF dress is not a wrap but it does have a wide and deep neckline. For this dress the floral print is also a two way, however, there is also somewhat of a symmetry effect going on. That may not have been the designer's intention but the way the model was wearing it, gave it that effect. The last picture is a Jill Stuart garment. This was the only floral pattern found in her collection, but I thought it was important for it to be included because it stood out from the rest of the collection and it fit well with the theme I had found in other designers. Compared to the DVF dresses, this one is a little less fitted in the arms and it also shorter.

Other designers that included floral prints were Suno and Adam Lippes. Suno used an all-over two way as well as a border print for the bottom of the first dress. I really liked the difference between the dresses in the Suno collection because the left one can be described as a little more flirty and more body shaping. There is also use of black sheer fabric to show off the shoulders and arms as well as a V-neck. The second one is a little more reserved. The neckline is a crew neck and the fabric is thicker as well as less fitting. Adam Lippes used all over floral prints for both of his looks. Furthermore, they are not just one piece, they are a combination of garments that are all made out of the same fabric and the print is what makes the outfit look unified. Not only that, but the trend can also be seen in the fabric of the shoe. 

I thought this was an interesting trend because I think it is very rare to see floral as a trend for Autumn. Personally, I always see them during summer and spring yet as the great Miranda Priestley once said "Floral? For Spring? Groundbraking." It is good to keep already known trends around but introduce them in new ways or even in new seasons. 

This is just one eye-catching trend that I found this season, but of course there are plenty more. What are your favorite trends for Fall 2015? 

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