My Best and Worst Dressed Picks - Academy Awards Edition

I am very aware that the Academy Awards was so last week; however, it still involves fashion and there is never a wrong time to talk about fashion. Like many others, one of my favorite things about any award show is the red carpet; the Oscars are no exception. Award shows are one of the very few times that celebrities get to dress up in gorgeous designer gowns and wear thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and accessories. Everything about it is so glamorous and regular people like us get to live our dream through these celebrities.

Some of these hollywood stars are lucky to find amazing stylists that help them choose out the perfect dresses and tuxedos and always end up nailing a look. Unfortunately other celebrities end up with stylists who don't know what they are doing half the time and they usually end up on the worst dressed list. I'm sure that being a stylist for famous people can be a lot of pressure, but many are able to handle the job and always do their best work to make their client look flawless and make them subject of next day conversations. There were many celebrities that looked absolutely amazing on Oscar sunday so it was hard to choose my favorites; however I was able to narrow it down to my top 3 favorite looks.


Both Jennifer Lopez and Emma Stone wore an Elie Saab gown and I was equally obsessed with each one. 

Jennifer's dress looks like it came out of a fairy tale; it is pretty much what I would want my wedding dress to look like (except I would want it in white of course). I love the color of it because it went great with her golden skin tone. Also, even though the dress had a deep V neckline, it still looked elegant and covered her up well. To me she looked like a beautiful princess and I absolutely loved the use of the tulle and little details, which appear to be pearls, on the front of the dress.   

I was drawn to Emma's look mainly for it's color; a pretty line green. When you look closer, you can that the whole thing is made out of a sheer fabric and the whole dress is covered with sequins. What I like most about it is that although it conservative at the top with the long sleeves and the shoulder to shoulder neckline, there is still an element of sexy appeal with the almost thigh high slit. I also love the matching shoes because it made the whole unified. The color looks great with her pale skin tone and it doesn't ash her out. Furthermore, I love how the color goes so well with her dark red hair. 

Of course we cannot forget about our handsome men. By far, my pick for best dressed male was Channing Tatum. The designer he was wearing was Dolce and Gabbana. The tuxedo is tailored in such a way that it fits his body perfectly. I like that the jacket part of the tuxedo has lapels that are a shade lighter to give the jacket a bit of dimension. It was also interesting that it had no collar and that the lapels fell in a V-Shape in order to show off part of the white shirt. The black buttons on the shirt complement the look and the bow tie just ties everything together quite well. 

As mentioned previously some celebrities nail their red carpet looks and others just fall behind. As much as I may love the star, I have to be honest and express my opinion when I feel their looks have been disappointing. Unfortunately, this year's Oscars were no exception. Like before, I managed to pick out the 3 worst looks.


To be completely honest these aren't the worst looks I have seen at an award show, but I just felt they weren't Oscars appropriate. My first choice for worst dressed is Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa. The only thing I like about this dress is the color; I think this is a beautiful shade of pink. My problem with this dress is that it too simple and just quite boring. If she had added a statement necklace, the dress wouldn't look too pain. It was nice that the dress was form fitting, but the fabric at the bottom looked all wrinkled which made it look unappealing. I also don't like that her foot was showing because it barely looks like she's wearing any shoes. I just feel that the dress needed something to make it eye-catching. 

My next choice for worst dressed is Ava DuVernay who was wearing a Prada dress. Again, I don't have much of a problem with the dress itself, I just don't think it was the right one for the Academy Awards. She was nominated for best director for Selma so I was expecting her to show up something a little more glamourous. I like the color, but I felt that with her dark skin tone, a shade darker would have complemented her better. I don't like the pleated tulle; I feel it gives the garment it a sort of mermaid feel but not in a flattering way. As for the design, the one thing I did find interesting were the wide elbow length sleeves.

I love Kevin Hart as much as the next person; however, I didn't love his look very much. Personally, I am not a big fan of all white tuxedos; however, there are some things he could have done to improve his outfit. First thing is that the pants could have been tailored a little bit better. I didn't like the way they started to wrinkle. In addition, I would have probably gone for a white shirt instead of a black one so that it didn't blend in with the lapels on the jacket. Furthermore, I felt that this tux choice would have gone better at the Grammys. It is just not elegant enough for the Oscars so I was a little disappointed.

So, now that I've gotten my Joan Rivers on and told you my best and worst dressed, what are your picks? Do agree or totally disagree with me? 

                                                                                                                                       - Diana :)

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