A Frozen Inspired Outfit

Ever wondered what Anna and Elsa would wear if they were living in the real world? 

Ever since the movie came out, my job of being a nanny to little girls pretty much has turned into watching Frozen 50 times a day and listening to the soundtrack 24/7. If it was any other movie or show, I would have probably grown tired of it by now, but with Frozen I don't really mind. I'm in love with the movie myself and I'm not going to lie, I love the songs! The songs are so catchy, the story is unique and beautiful, and how can you not be totally obsessed with Olaf!? Of course, all the little girls I babysit have everything Frozen around their room but one of the things I love most is seeing them dress up in their Anna and Elsa dresses; it makes me want to be a little girl again. After seeing how much they loved dressing up as them, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool grow ups could play dress up on a daily basis as well? Of course, we wouldn't wear full on glitter and sequin dresses, but we could use the outfits from the movie as inspiration to create out own looks and feel like the characters while wearing them! I really wanted to take their fairy tale outfits and transform them into something they would wear in the modern world. So, this is what I came up with: 

Elsa's Inspired Outfit

- Skirt: Windsor Store - $35
- Top: Forever New - $31
- Blazer: Choies - $30
- Shoe: Harvey Nichols - $830
- Clutch: Michael Kors - $298
- Earrings : Macy's - $35

For Elsa's outfit I wanted to keep it very elegant because she is the queen after all. I chose 2 piece outfit rather than a dress because I thought it would be less predictable and more fun to put together. I chose a a color blue that was a shade lighter than Elsa's dress in the movie because I wanted the look to be a little softer. I chose a tulle skirt to add a girly and fun touch but I chose a structured top to represent Elsa's more serious attitude. I chose a top with a similar shade of the skirt to keep the look more unified. I also really liked this top because of the embellishments on the neckline. They can be seen as a representation of Elsa's power. In the movie Elsa's dress is a little conservative: the dress is ankle length and her dress in long sleeve. To keep that conservative feel, I added a blazer. I chose this white blazer because it had a beautiful silhouette and it added to the elegance of the look. I felt silver shoes would go the best with the outfit and again I felt, it represented her powers. Finally, I added a silver clutch to match the shoes and snowflake studs. 

Anna Inspired Outfit

- Skirt: Chic Wish - $34
- Top: Nelly - $27
- Cardigan: John Lewis - $63
- Shoes: Jimmy Choo - $323
- Belt: Valentino - $405
- Necklace: Bling Jewelry - $25

Anna is the more outgoing and adventurous sister and I wanted her modern day outfit to represent her personality. I chose this blue embossed mini skirt because the color was really similar to her original dress and I thought of her as soon as I saw it. To go with the skirt, I chose a black lace crop top since the top of her dress is black. Then, instead of choosing a cape like she has, I thought a burgundy cardigan would be the next best choice. I really liked the colors in Anna's dress in the movie, so I tried to keep the same colors for this outfit. Furthermore, I wanted her outfit to represent the special bond she has with her sister Elsa so added a belt that was the color of Elsa's dress as well as a snowflake necklace. Finally, I added a basic pair of black pumps to tie the look together.

These looks are what came to my imagination as I pictured Elsa and Anna walking through the streets of New York and I had so much fun putting them together. It was also a little tricky because I wanted the looks to be wearable but I also wanted them to stay true to each character and their personality. In the end, I was pleased with the outcomes and I can't wait to re-create these outfits with my own clothes! :) So, what do YOU think modern day Anna and Elsa would wear in our world?

Credits: Frozen Picture
Collages made at: Polyvore.com


  1. Um, hello, my name is Michelle and I am your new best friend. Anna and Elsa are my favorite Disney princesses (I recently met them when I went to Disney last week and almost died) and Frozen is such an amazing movie. You're never too old for a Disney classic! These outfits draw so much inspiration from Anna and Elsa, I could totally see them wearing this if they were IRL.

  2. These outfits are so creative! Everyone fell in love with Frozen so why not use the characters for style inspiration? I love both of the outfits; especially love how they are very trendy and chic, and not childish. You can still tell the outfits were inspired by frozen which is brilliant.


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