Tumblr Princess: Updated Look

A couple of weeks ago we were given the task of doing a photo shoot for a client. Our client was a small group of our classmates who gave us the theme for the shoot. They gave us a couple of specifications and we were to create the looks based on our interpretation of what they had requested. Our given theme was: Tumblr Princess. To go into the theme, our client requested American Apparel inspired clothing, 90s garments, bright and girly colors, leather, fur, and grungy and edgy backgrounds.

We took all the items from our own closets that we thought fit the theme and created four looks. We wanted our client to have a variety of options as well as show them how we took all the different elements they requested and were able to create several looks that were all different to each other but still fit into their desired theme. The following look is one of the four outfits that we put together. For this particular look, we decided to go on a more feminine route: we included the tulle skirt and the leather jacket which were two garments the client wanted. To go with the skirt, we paired it with a white crop top. We chose the white because we felt it gave the look a bit of a 90s feel and it also looked great with the pink and white. We added the tiara to add to that "princess" vibe and finally we chose these black leather lace up boots to tie the rock princess look together. As requested, we included a grungy graffiti background and we were pleased with the contrast between the outfit and the edgy background.

Overall, both our client and ourselves were pleased with the way the photo came out; however; after going back and looking at it, I started thinking of some ways I would have made it different if I was the creative director of the shoot. This is what I came up with:

Original Look


Updated Look

- Top: Top Shop
- Skirt: Chic Wish
- Vest: Saint Laurent
- Boot: Jessica Simpson

I kept the same concept and outfit idea; however, I made a few adjustments. To start off, I would replace the original skirt with this tulle skirt because this skirt is fuller, has more shape, and has a slightly more pleasant looking shade of pink. The next change I would make is that instead of using the leather jack I would use a leather vest. The reason for this is that I felt the leather jacket over powered the skirt a little and there would be a better balance if we used the vest and the fuller skirt. The last change I made, outfit wise, is the boots. This was more of a personal preference because I felt the shorter boot was more appealing and it showed off the legs more. 
Moving on to the hair and makeup, I would keep the smokey eye look, but I would add a bright pink lip to add another pop of color. I would then change the hair by making it into a messy bun to add to the edgy feel. I also thought the tiara would be more visible and eye catching this way. Finally, for the background, instead of a graffiti wall, I would use a dirty grey brick wall. My reason for doing this is that, I am so in love with this outfit that I feel it should be the only center of attention. With the grey wall, we still give it an edgy grungy feel, but it's not distracting the viewer from the outfit. 

Overall, I think both variations of the look would work for this theme. I think that even though they are very similar, one gives more attention to the outfit, while the other tells a story.

Collage made with: Polyvore.com


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