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I have been dancing ever since I can remember. Nothing too professional, but I have taken a few classes and done several performances throughout my life. It is a passion that has grown over the years and still continues to this day. This year I started taking classes for a great cause with an organization called Dance For Change; basically the proceeds from the classes go to helping people in need. These classes usually take place in the city on Saturdays. They are so much fun and after class I usually like to hangout with friends around the city. This is why I was inspired to create this story board.

One of my favorite styles of dance is hip hop mainly because they have coolest outfits. I like to dress comfortable to dance but since I usually stay in the city after, I like to wear clothes that are easy to make into something more stylish. In the story board I included classic hip hop clothing such as Harem pants, flannels, sweats, and other loose clothing; however, I added a few feminine garments in there to add more of my style. I included skirts, wedge sneakers, shirt dresses, and knee high socks. I chose garments that would be easy to pair with each other and would have the dual purpose of being able to dance comfortable in and make you look stylish while hanging around in the city. Furthermore, I thought "Dancer on the Go" was an appropriate title for this :)

Outfit #1

- Flannel: SheInside
- Pants: Pieces
- Top: Salsit
- Sneaker: Jimmy Choo

Harem pants are a staple in hip hop so I definitely had to include them. Harem pants are basically loose fitted pants are that a little baggy at the top and tighter at the bottom. I paired it with a black crop top because those are trending at the moment. I also wanted to add some color to this look so added a red flannel, which I could wear open to show the top. Finally, I chose this wedge sneaker because they give the look more of a feminine feel rather than the regular sneaker. I also really liked the way it look with the pants going inside the shoe. 

- Dress: John Lewis
- Cardigan:
- Socks: Lord and Taylor
- Shoes: Converse 

Personally, I am a huge fan of cotton shirt dresses. They are soft and so comfortable to be in. They are also perfect to dance in as well because they allow you to move around in. The only thing I would say is to wear black shorts underneath while you are dancing. To fit this look more to my style, I added a sleeveless black cardigan as well as black knee high socks. Finally, I chose a pair of grey high tops to match the dress and also because I usually dance in coverse and they are so nice and easy to move around in. 

- Sweater: Etsy
- Skirt: Black Five
- Sneakers: Vans

This look is a little more girly than the others but I really like it and it stands out. It also may be a little less practical to dance in but you can always make it work by adding shorts underneath the skirt. The skirt is definitely the center of attention of this look and I am absolutely in love with the print. I chose an off shoulder sweater because they are also a staple in hip hop and they are so cozy. I thought the pink  would add more to the feminine look and went well with the black and the grey. 

I hope this inspires you when choosing an outfit for your next class and even if you don't dance you can still wear these looks when you want to be a little more causal but still trendy. Just remember to have creating these looks and always be confident and fierce! ;)

                                                                                                                                                     -Diana :)

- StoryBoard Pictures: Google Images
- Outfits: Created with


  1. I love that you were able to create looks that both suited physical activity and street style. I like how the first look is very casual but the harem pants and the shoes give it a hip hop sort of vibe which is perfect for someone who is seeking to remain stylish while they practice their dance. I also love the last look, although it would be hard to do a lot of movement in a skirt, it would be easy to slip on a pair of shorts under it and continue dancing.

  2. I love all of the content you provided with this post. I was able to fully understand your inspiration and how this shaped the vision of your story board. I also thought it was great how you described each individual outfit. I think all of the outfits are cohesive with one another, but at the same time each brings something a little bit different to the table!


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